MARIE-DOMINIQUE GUIBAL Plasticienne-Photographe

MX ESPAI 1010 - 2007/2008 - THE ALEPH





"For this exhibition the works must go arround the theme THE ALEPH.
Our idea is to guide this international event more and more in the direction of contemporary art. Our objective is to be not only a modern exhibition of contemporary art, but, an actual art movement. For that reason we will give some pattern, in order to "contextualice", to give coherence and sense at the exhibition. To work arround an idea, force us to think in one sens, in one direction, doing a more extensive reflection about why we do what we do."
Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. That with which breath begins. In the Cabala this letter signifies Soph, the boundless. It has also been said that it is in the shape of a man pointing to the sky and to the ground, to indicate that the world below is a mirror and a map of the world above; according to the Mengenlehre, it symbolizes transfinite numbers, among which the whole is no greater than any of the parts.

The Aleph symbolically marks the beginning of life, but it is, above all else, the place where everything flows together and becomes simultaneously visible.

"... I have seen millions of deeds, delectable or atrocious ; not one of them surprised me as much as the fact that they could all occupy the same point in space..."
Jorge Luis Borges tells us in his description of the Aleph. And he concludes : " Does the Aleph exist within the intimacy of a stone ? Did I, when I saw all things, see it, and have forgotten ? Our mind is porous and forgetful ; even I may be capable, under the tragic erosion of years, to distort and misplace the features of Beatriz."

The aleph
0,10 x 0,10
novembre 2007

I work regularly about Moebius band.
This topologic figure shows an infinite circulation on an only one side, an only one edge; that's completely different of a linear circulation, like in a circle. On this infinite side,  every point is at all times the beginning and the end. In my work about "The Aleph", I drawned a walking crowd on the edge of a Moebius band. This walking is living and boundless. The Moebius band is set on a piece of blue openwork tarlatan. Some blue threads come out the crystal clear square, like a breath.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         12 novembre 2007

Marie-Dominique Guibal © Adagp


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