MARIE-DOMINIQUE GUIBAL Plasticienne-Photographe

MX ESPAI1010 - 2008 - NON-PLACE



IX Exposició Internacional d'Art Contemporani de Petit Format
IX Small Format International Contemporary Art Exhibition


27 novembre - 23 décembre 2008

NON-PLACE is the theme the works must address for this next exhibition.
Our idea is to guide this intrnational event more and more in the direction of contemporary art. Our objective is to be not only an exhibition of contemporary art, but, an actual art movement. the need to "contextualize" the works is the reason why we feelit is necessary to establish a mold. To work arround an idea forces us to think in a particular sense, a direction, demanding a more intensive reflection into why we do what we do.

Non-place is the place of the contemporary nomad.
Non-place is the location at which the sedentary and erratic life of the planetary
consumer unfolds.

According to Marc Augé :
Let us define as objective place the space in which objective marks of identity are inscribed, marks of the existing links and history (war memorial, church, public square, school,...) and as symbolic place the location of the ways of relating to others that prevail there (residence, exchange, language); objective non-place shall indicate the spaces for circulating, communicating and consuming; subjective non-place shall indicate the prevaling ways of relating to the exterior (passage, sign, code).
The most explicit opposition shall arise, therefore, between the agora as a public space, as that space which is public, (the materialized location of public debate), and the highway of the supermarket as the materialized non-place of singularized and consumering wandering.


Since several years, I make photos of people who walk in different towns of Europe.
I look how the figures of people (men, women, children) are inscribed in the architectures, the textures, the lights, the grounds and different areas of the towns.
In this work, the symbolized-walking of a man and of a woman take place in the middle of a circuit, colored like a child game. On two panels, little photos. Like moebius band, the first panel shows a crowd in a supermarket / little groups of people walking and talking in a square ; the second shows an armchair abandoned in a street / a red and white roadsign used to delimit
a place.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  october 2008

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